Kiiko Matsumoto Acupuncture Treatment Style

People new to acupuncture often are uncertain what to expect when they first visit an acupuncturist. At Emanuele Acupuncture Center, Rosanne begins her work exploring the patient’s health history and concerns. She then follows the “KMS” style of Japanese acupuncture by locating various reflexes which provide direct and reliable information about One’s health condition. Response to reflexes provides immediate feedback as the body coordinates to correct issues. Both the front and back of the body are addressed. The skillful location and insertion of sterile hair-thin needles is Rosanne’s expertise. Most people return for 6-10 sessions depending on the state of their health, sessions take  45 min - 1 hour and treatment cost is $90.

All procedures are painless and have no unwanted side effects

Acupuncture - The therapeutic use of various types of sterile, thin, stainless steel, one-time-use disposable needles. Also the use of a Japanese specialized dull-tipped needle which is gently held on the surface of the skin without puncturing it.

Medical Qi Gong - As energy (Qi) is released from the needles, Rosanne manually moves the Chi along from above the body, to help with the reorganization of energy.

Cupping - Glass suction cups applied to the skin help reduce muscular tension and toxins.

Hot Packs - Packs placed on various locations to “warm” the “cold” spots on the body.

Teishin – A Japanese gold hand-held tool, tapped on the surface to release blocked or swollen tissue. 

Gua Sha – A simple ancient technique of rubbing pre-oiled skin releasing trapped heat and congestion. 


Acupuncture is an energetic conversation with the body

Rosanne's session typically begins with a calming treatment above the forehead. Much of the body relaxes at this initial stage allowing Rosanne to assess the next part of the treatment. Ultimately, the body's core energy, upright Qi, is strengthened and addresses underlying issues.

Rosanne has never treated a single person who did not recognize the soothing healthy state that is innate to us all.

To learn more about our patients' experiences and for more information see testimonials.

Guidelines for Your Visit


Cell on silent. Remove all smart watches and earbuds. 


Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that can be pushed up to the knees and elbows for insertion of needles. Sports bras, tight jeans and turtlenecks are not acupuncture-friendly! You are welcome, of course, to change into comfortable and loose-fitting clothes when you arrive.


No particular faith, belief, or even knowledge of acupuncture is needed for positive results. However, an attitude of receptivity to treatment is helpful.


For maximum results, it is recommended that for 24 hours you avoid strong activities or influences such as aerobic exercise, heavy weightlifting, sauna, massage, unusually spicy food, or intensive emotional extremes. Just chill! 

What you say will be respected as confidential