• Saving my life
    Dear Rosanne, We wanted you to know I’m out of the hospital and appear to be improving with test and medical treatments to follow. Home now and with time to reflect we both want to thank you for not only taking care of me while you were here, but also saving my life! The lump you found in my lower abdomen was life threatening and had you not noticed, it may have been too late for us to pay attention to it. My urinary tract was completely blocked and this was a buildup of urine which they had to remove ASAP… etc.. Hope all is well in your world. God Bless.
  • Almost euphoric
    I had a pretty strong reaction yesterday. With the first treatment I felt really relaxed and it was lovely but yesterday I felt emotionally warm and I was happy and patient, almost euphoric! I went to bed feeling so good, and it lasted all day. Now what to do when I go back to work. It’s amazing how good I feel I’m telling just everyone.
  • Chemo effects Conquered
    This was the first time I came (for an acupuncture treatment) the day following my chemo session and guess what ? I didn't get sick -at all !! I mean I didn't even feel bad. I kept waiting for some symptoms to show up but no, I felt fine. Then boy, the next time it as really bad again. I'm finished now but with the acupuncture right afterwards I sailed right through as if I didn't even have the chemo ? Sheesh ! that's great.
  • Happier than ever
    Oh boy. You might want to know since I went off anti-depressants I lost 14 lbs. and feel better than I ever have. I'm so glad I had acupuncture to support this transition and I'll continue to come for more treatment and love the supplements you recommended to develop a healthier lifestyle, moving now into 2014. Hey! Happy New year !
  • Vet with a happy low back
    I've been feeling so much better its amazing! It just keeps loosening up and the low back pain is nearly gone. Even from early in the AM and throughout the day I can feel the difference and it keeps improving as the day goes by. There's a bit of pain left but its not stopping me from what I want to do. I'm so glad to be here for the second time this week. I feel like I could resume regular activity but wanted to wait for this second treatment and, such a huge difference when you finally get a good night's sleep !
  • Bad back Getting Good
    I had bone grafts which were replaced in my low back in 2006 when I had surgery installing rods and screws. It helped but I've had knife-like jabbing back pain ever since. I routinely get up 5 times a night with pain and then 3 hrs of stiffness in the AM. But after your treatment I only had back spasm 3 times max all week! And rising with more ease and little stiffness. There are times during the day that I actually feel good. I am so looking forward to this (course of treatment).
  • Another "Bad Back" Gone Good
    My Back ! Wow you did it ! I do have a history of intense back pain. But I had a recent problem and couldn't move for 7 days. I went to the chiropractor, the traditional medicine emergency room, the regular doctor, had x-rays, tried anti-inflammation drugs and then got rolfed.... all that. Still intense pain. Then I came here. The only thing that did any good was your treatment... although I did have an epidural some time ago which continues to help somewhat. But after I left here and since then, I've felt virtually no pain. Wow. Let's make a few more appointments.
  • A card in the mail
    Rosanne I feel so blessed that Sarah introduced me to you. Your gentle caring spirit, healing hands and intuition has put me on the path to wellness. Thank you for your expertise, with gratitude, D.S.
  • Cat rescuer gets rescued herself !
    I got bit by my cat (with Leukemia) and wound up with inflammation at the ends of a few fingers (even though I took antibiotics). Rosanne inserted some needles in the just the right spot on my opposite foot and I felt the tingling in the fingers disappear almost immediately . And the swelling just went away, just like that. Amazing! I can't think of a better word than amazing!!
  • Mom of twins and writer/editor
    I never thought I would look forward to seeing my acupuncturist, but I was lucky to get a recommendation for Rosanne Emanuele the first time I asked when we moved to Ann Arbor. I started going because my head was very congested after encountering the mold and dust in the house we bought. During the first session, I could feel a gentle "pop" as my sinuses began to drain and my body started to rid itself of the allergens. I continue to go every few weeks because it keeps my whole system balanced. And I'm so relaxed when I'm done. While needles are working on one area, she moves to another spot and continues around your body until she feels you are "done." It's a great treat that's good for you.
  • I'm a numbers guy. To convince me I need to see the data. It's important to know that because when I was diagnosed with a serious medical condition I was desperate to find anything to help me. My condition didn't improve with the medical treatment I was getting. I am not a believer in holistic remedies but but one of my co-workers gave me a gift certificate to Emanuelue Acupunture. Things were getting worse so I didn't think it could hurt. After the session I felt like I had more energy and was better off. I shrugged it off to the placebo effect but my scientific curiosity got the best of me and I went again and again. Bottom line, I am a believer. Rosanne certainly has the credentials and she made me feel comfortable. She is no frills, open minded and best of all, she tailors each session to your particular circumstance. Many times, I give her a general condition and she finds the areas that bother me most. Even if I didn't know. Naysayers like myself would think she gather information from what I say. However, I thought this too and I would go in not saying a thing, yet she still found what ails me. How she does it? I don't know, but that's what I pay her for. I have enough of a sample size to know it works. Rosanne is not expensive, flexible, and provides good service.
  • Likes the hands... Hey ! Your hands are magnificent ! They're really gentle but very very strong at the same time. Yeah, I'm gonna have to do this again, think I'll come every 6 weeks since 95% of my work is physical & lots of work on roofs.
  • Breathing and sleeping well...
    I use inhalers daily. And my pulmonologist said she read in an article that 75% of insomniacs improve with acupuncture. I told her I've improved both in sleeping and digestion (since treating with Rosanne) and at that she asked for your cards. So I gave her a bunch !
  • Cool and comfy now
    My hot flashes were so intense they were unbearable. And even after 3 visits wow! the difference is incredible.
  • Blood pressure pretty good...
    It (good results) seems to hold longer, you know, after coming monthly. I'm just doing this for maintenance ' cause my knee and shoulder are now better and they don't bother me at all now. Its just to keep a check on my blood pressure basically.
  • Text message:
    Hi Rosanne! thanks for the treatment. Left knee and foot feel great! Time to crank up the training. CYA Dick.
  • I can deal...
    I told my sister, "I want to stay there all day, I'd just like to stay there." She has acupuncture in Chicago. I just feel so relaxed, I don't know how else to say it? The stressors are still there but I can deal with'em."
  • A note comes in the snail mail:
    Hi Rosanne, Thanks again! I'm doing great. Still undergoing treatment, but just 3 more to go. My hands are great. Not a trace of neuropathy. About 2 weeks ago at my appointment the doctor asked about my hands. I told her they were fine. She took your name and number. 🙂 Take care.
  • The grateful mother of a teen
    My teenage daughter was suffering from very severe abdominal pain. Both local hospital's emergency rooms could find nothing. After a series of diagnostic tests she was released with pain meds for "undiagnosed abdominal pain." She was still in severe pain (8 on a scale of 10). I decided to try alternative medicine and quickly made an appointment with Rosanne... My daughter's pain started to subside after one treatment and was gone after two treatments. I am so grateful to Rosanne and her compassionate skills for helping my daughter when the traditional [approach] could not.
  • Woman suffering death of loved one, back and neck pain
    I can't believe it ! I feel so much lighter ! And my eyes were twitching and stomach gurgling, what was that? But boy do I feel better...so much lighter. I just don't like to take Zanax. I came for my back problem but had no idea at all that this [acupuncture] could help my panic attacks and depression. I just can't tell you how surprised I am at how much better I feel! And I'm sleeping through the night now no middle of the night panic attacks. And I'm not using any sleep medication. I'm so much more at ease, day and night.
  • UM student
    Wow! Awesome! I feel so relaxed. I'm astonished how much benefit I got in one treatment.
  • Health care staff worker
    Acupuncture focuses my chronic dizziness, there's so much less feeling of constant motion and poor depth perception and it controls my nausea since the slip and fall accident . I've tried several other modalities, this approach allows me to function. And besides, it works! And my husband comes now- he just loves it !
  • Art director and teacher, just turned 80
    ..to be that far down now on prednisone and feel no pain, that's wonderful. When we get quiet I can feel such focus and that presence, ahh. Its wonderful.
  • Handy man, biz owner outdoors-man
    I heard on TV that 85% of all back pain could be relieved or resolved by acupuncturist. So I came in after seeing another acupuncture with no help, and with ony 5 treatments my back was good for one year-til I fell again on the cement that is.
  • Someone recalls...
    Remember when I broke my ankle? My toes were eggplant black and you treated me and all the black drained out in two days! Ammmmazing !

And others

  • It's amazing. The pain I had when I walked in the door is just not there anymore. I feel like dancing ..well not really but I feel good.
  • Ever since the last treatment I've been sleeping so well. I got so stressed and fell off balance my anxiety and depression had me on scary roller coster. After 3 treatments I feel steady, can sleep and feel like working again. Amazing! And my appetite came back too.
  • I fell pretty hard and hurt my back and Kirk said, " Do you want me to take you to the E.R.?" And I said, "no and I know I don't need to go to the chiropractor but I need to go see Rosanne, yes, that's what I need". Once my back was really bad and you used that moxibustion stuff and you said that in a day or so my back'd be good and it was! Good to be back in your care.
  • I look forward to it every time I come in. I sleep so deeply It really helps with my back pain and that thick scar on the side of my head is so much better. Definetly better !
  • I feel like a new man! I have a little bit of pain but nothing like I had for 2 long years. The Drs at the VA helped me then offered pain meds. So instead of the meds they suggested I see you. Actually I refused pain meds ! And also I am eating better too. Now I don't even want to smoke pot for pain ( relief). I feel so much better. My ankles were so swollen when I came ...well that got better right away. I think you helped with my pot addiction ...nothing else made much difference . And maybe my resting heart rate has slowed down too.
  • Well I was practically crippled and I had such stabbing pain down my right leg. It was almost a miracle that the pain went away. I had such a good weekend. There's a ladder in the pool and I could climb up and down it. It really made a difference!