Acupuncturist in Michigan

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Rosanne’s work… a whole new level of competency and artistry

In addition to the formal credentials listed below, Rosanne’s practice is greatly supported and enhanced by the following experiences over the course of her professional life in health care and healing.



Complementing her formal Acupuncture training, Rosanne draws from a variety of disciplines and health care experiences.

  • Began treating veterans from the VA in 2010.
  • Rosanne personally assisted the highly respected Kiiko Matsumoto in Boston for more than 2 years following graduation and continues to attend online "Kiiko" updating classes
  • Certification in Japanese Acupuncture 2008, a two year course, Miki Shima, Japanese American Acupuncture Foundation, San Francisco
  • Shakuju/Core Acupuncture 2007-2010 annual intensive seminars, New England School of Acupuncture, Shoji Kobayashi, Boston
  • Yamamoto's New Scalp Acupuncture, 2007, Women & Brigham’s Hospital, Boston
  • 16 years bodywork experience including 12 years of Shiatsu
  • Homeopathic Pharmacy Assistant, New York and Chicago
  • Manager, Center for Holistic Medicine in New York City, conducting patient intakes, relaxation training and preparing homeopathic remedies 1985 - 1988
  • Interpreter, Ft. McCoy, WI; US Military physicians and Cuban refugee outpatients 1980
  • Yoga study and travel, India and Nepal, 1982 and 1983
  • Medical Qi Gong training, Baoding, China, 1992
  • 15 Years Yoga and Meditation Study, Himalayan Institute
  • 14 Years annual two week intensive residential trainings from 2008-2024 at the Casa Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Goias, Brazil.
  • 9 phase energetic initiations on the grounds of Inca ruins in Cusco, Peru, 2017.

Rosanne Emanuele maintains a welcoming office at 2350 Washtenaw Avenue in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Credentials and Memberships

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Governor appointed Member

New England School of Acupuncture Boston, Massachusetts

Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese Acupuncture Style, personal assistant

Certified KMS Practitioner; Listed in international KMS directory

Graduate New England School of Acupuncture, MA

Japanese American Acupuncture Foundation, San Francisco

Certified KMS Practitioner

Qi Gong Hospital, Baoding, China

HCV Certified Practitioner

Ohashi Institute (Shiatsu Training)
Chicago School of Massage Therapy

University of Wisconsin

Michigan Society of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine