Brazilian Crystal Light Therapy

Rosanne offers an unusual service, the Brazilian Crystal Light Bath.

Seven individually chiseled LED lit crystals suspend over the body focused at the endocrine gland locations - the seven chakras. Each crystal variously blinks the colors of the rainbow. Together these seven frequencies energetically untangle and de-stress the body. The process is silent and peaceful.

Experience with the light bath varies depending on one's individual need. Headaches melt away, body aches fade, the mood is made easy and one is returned to their comfortable state.

Feelings of relief

One PMS headache prone young woman laid under the crystals and felt the back of her head release the blockage . She reported no headache for the whole week of her menses and said her mood was so even she couldn't conjure up a crabby mood . She was thrilled!

A veteran with arm neuropathy felt gentle movement inside his lower arms and then a pleasing sensation of lightness as if they were floating.

An exhausted teacher relaxed under the crystals, went into a deep state and felt a light tapping at her heart; she was moved and grateful for the sensation of peace.


Emanuele Acupuncture Center

Rosanne offers several rates: $25 /20 minutes, $35/30 minutes and $65/hour