Emanuele acupuncture
Emanuele Acupuncture in Ann Arbor
Gentle and Effective Acupuncture
by Rosanne Emanuele

All to be experienced in a safe, peaceful and healing space at Emanuele Acupuncture, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Rosanne offers each one of her clients a unique, focused, and powerful acupuncture experience. Her treatments are a blend of the best of Chinese and Japanese acupuncture styles. She draws from the teachings of the Chinese Classics as taught by Dr. R. Tan and four noted and highly respected Japanese acupuncture teachers. These post-graduate studies provide the inspiration and dedication that fuel her ever-evolving acupuncture skill.

She is a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture, the oldest acupuncture school in the U.S. She is certified by the NCCAOM-National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is an officially Registered Acupuncturist in Michigan. A list of her credentials and experiences can be accessed at About Rosanne. In addition to her intensive study and work cited above, she has had years of experience practicing and studying acupuncture and other forms of healing arts in Boston, San Diego, China and Brazil.

Rosanne has had 16 years of full-time acupuncture practice.