Emanuele acupuncture
Emanuele Acupuncture in Ann Arbor
Gentle and Effective Acupuncture
by Rosanne Emanuele

All to be experienced in a safe, peaceful and healing space at Emanuele Acupuncture, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Rosanne's acupuncture is the result of 18 years of full time practice. Her easy-going and friendly manner make her ever-evolving skill seem casual and second nature. Clients enjoy their individually assessed treatments and favorable results. All her post-graduate trainings were based in the Chinese classics and taught by well-known and highly regarded Japanese and Chinese teachers. First time patients are often amused (amazed) by their rapid improvement and lack of pain! She is ready to help you return to better health.

She is a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture, the oldest acupuncture school in the U.S. She is certified by the NCCAOM-National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is an officially Registered Acupuncturist in Michigan. A list of her credentials and experiences can be accessed at About Rosanne. In addition to her intensive study and work cited above, she has had years of experience practicing and studying acupuncture and other forms of healing arts in Boston, San Diego, China and Brazil.