How can acupuncture treat the returning or seasoned veteran?

Acupuncture is for the veteran seeking help with a smoother adjustment back to civilian life or for chronic on going conditions. Acupuncture is said "to preserve your good health… restore you to better health and promote good on going health." The testimonials at the bottom of this page tell you the ways acupuncture can help you. Also see

Acupuncture can help

Calm the agitated nervous system

Manage trauma, PTSD, and grief

Reduce or eliminate insomnia, improve quality of sleep

Reduce anxiety and depression

Reduce lower back, neck, and other muscular discomfort

Manage or resolve chronic issues

With the approval of your doctor, acupuncture often improves a veteran’s condition so they need fewer or milder painkillers and other medications.


First and foremost, the veteran needs a referral from their VA doctor

First and foremost, the veteran needs a referral from their VA doctor

As of June 2010, Rosanne Emanuele has been working with veterans referred by the Ann Arbor Veterans Hospital. Rosanne is insurance authorized to treat veterans through the VA Veteran's Choice Program. Ask your VA doctor for a referral.

An acupuncturist of your choice is always your option. Veterans have enjoyed improved health and quality of life with Rosanne's care.

The Emanuele Acupuncture Center is easily accessible with free and convenient parking and just 3.5 miles from the Ann Arbor VA Hospital. The acupuncture center is also located on the AATA bus line # 4 for added convenience.

Testimonials about Rosanne Emanuele and Acupuncture

"Yesterday was my best day in 6 weeks! So I took the whole day off and just enjoyed it.”

Treatment # 3 for chronic low back pain.

“I feel good today, I mean really good!”

M. S. gave up the use of a cane in three treatments. His arms and legs, toes and fingers are in good conscious control, no headaches, nor stiff neck and he has a good positive attitude. He is a former stroke patient who is improving and looking forward in life.

"My joints ?? when I first get out of bed (clicks his fingers) I can hit the floor running. Literally ! And, I slept 6 continuous hours! That's unheard of ( before his acupuncture treatment.)"

"My son says he can tell when I’ve had acupuncture ‘cause when I walk in the door I look 20 years younger."

"I trust what you are doing here. I can feel the difference when I come, and when I leave . What happens is (that ) I come with stiffness in my shoulders, neck, back and knees and with headaches. All I do is tell you what bothers me and while I don't know why or what you are doing , you can isolate what 's bothering me. I feel better ! I have more energy too. I can do things that I used to avoid."

"My V.A. MD s recommended P.T. but the process was too painful. They (the physical therapy group) sent me back to the doctors. I said nothing seems to help more than acupuncture. I'll stick with that."

"I've been feeling so much better its amazing! It's just keeps loosening up and the low back pain is nearly gone. Even from early in the AM and throughout the day I can feel the difference and it keeps improving as the day goes by. There's a bit of pain left but it's not stopping me from what I want to do. I'm so glad to be here for the second time this week. I feel like I could resume regular activity but wanted to wait for this second treatment and, such a huge difference when you finally get a good night's sleep! "

Vet with a happy low back

“My wife is happy too, [since] the anxiety is way down!”

P.S. is now calm and well composed; his back pain under control. His treatment is supporting the effects of a gun shot wound in Viet Nam. He no longer has chronic headaches.

J. D. came for acupuncture treatment with a years-long, 24 hour-a-day groin pain from a parachute accident.

Combined acupuncture and prolotherapy enables him to sleep nightly and back in his bed. His body is restoring with rejuvenating rest and the inner thigh, groin and low back are nearly pain free. He’s living a virtually normal life.

For more examples of the benefits of Acupuncture, go to the Emanuele Acupuncture Testimonials.

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